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Come down to the beach at Tauro on any Sunday afternoon and listen to live music at the Bar Pio-Pio as you chill out on the sand or splash around in the sea. Bob Gorman and friends play at the Pio-Pio bar from around five pm.

Local musicians turn up and do a set, as well visiting musicians, some of whom are on holiday in Gran Canaria specially for TOS (oh, sure!).

This is an archive of past gigs at TOS from 2003 and 2004, with photos taken mainly by Nick Iredale and Bernd Weiland. The One And Only Genuine Original Tauro On Sunday website team doesn't get along to the beach these days, but here you can see a load of old TOS sessions (our most recent is from October 2004)!

To see what is going on there these days visit or just go along there, have a swim and a drink, enjoy the music and the atmosphere and have a great time like we did in those good ol' days!

View of the beach from Bar Pio-Pio

Anyone out there still got one of the original limited edition TOS T-shirts? Wwe'd like to know if you still wear it - send us a photo and we'll put it on this page.

Map showing location of Bar Pio-Pio in Tauro

Walk, car, bus, taxi, scooter, boat, plane, jetski, bike or swim - we don't care how you get here, as long as you come along. Since we made the Sunday live music sessions at Tauro famous, they've even built a motorway under the mountains so you can get straight here from the airport.

Oh, you mean you want directions? Look for the Guantanamo Restaurant between Playa Amadores and Playa del Cura and turn off towards the beach there (or get the bus or a taxi and ask for Tauro!). Or look at the Google Map.

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If you enjoyed yourself while you were here, tell your friends about it by sending them a Tell 'em about TOS message.

Pio-Pio at Tauro beach
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